Self Contained Towable


8 kW,  20 kW

-Traditional 4-6 Lamp setup or advanced High Output LED

  Technology available. 4 Light LED (Dual Array

  spot+Flood) requires far less power than traditional bulbs

-100 gallon (378 Litres)  Diesel Tank 

-Power outlets  (2) 20 A 120 VAC duplex FCI,

  plus (4) 30 A 240 VAC 4-Wire Twist Lock (NEMA L14-       30R), (1) 60 A 208 VAC 5-wire pin and sleeve 3-phase     outlet

 -Running Time: Up to 175 hrs.  (8kW Unit)

-12 volt electric Start, pre-heat cold starting system

-Hydraulic actuated 25 ft- six section (7.62 m) tower

-5 point Stablizer Jack System. Allowing tower to remain  operational in wind gusts up to 105km/hr 

-LSC system allows unit to automatically start and stop at      predetermined times set by the operator 

-Emergency Air shut off valve/ Stop Switch

-High Visibility Low Fuel Warning Light

-Lifting lug and below frame forklift pockets

-Tie down rings making load securement faster 

-Reversible hitch capable of receiving 2" Ball or 3" Pintle


Mega Light Towers can offer many great advantages such as creating safer work sites by reducing the glare given off by typical lighting systems. They also greatly speed up setup time by eliminating the need for aiming and readjusting individual bulbs by instead evenly casting its light in a 360 degree pattern.    

Traditional light tower arrangements and Stadium Lighting Towers are also available  


(Equipment may be different than as pictured)


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